A Good Journalist is a critical one.

As a journalist, we need to be critical of our own work to keep improving, and today’s lecture allowed me to understand this. Danilo raised my attention by putting my last post on the board. He explained how to shorten our sentences, to make them into small chunks that are digestible for our online audience.

Displaying mine and a few other peers’ work on the board, didn’t feel like exposure but a helpful interactive experience. Instead of feeling offended I was prepared for critical analysis, which shows I have already adapted to how to be analytical of my writing. Danilo put up an edited version of the work we had produced. This helped me to consider that a small change makes a big difference, especially as I need to consider my audience.


As a result, I found it was easier to edit my own work afterward, looking at my previous post in a different light. I became my own critic. (An example of my practice of short sentences.) The key element is to keep it clear but to still include my writer’s voice, which was much more successful. It helped me to write this post easier, enabling my critical self to be proud of my improvements.


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