Feedback is key(words)

Feedback is vital for a journalist to improve.

This week’s feedback consisted of corrections on my grammar mistakes. Immediately I knew that I was still making the same mistake from my last post, one that is important to correct. Proofreading! I shall continue to work on this through the practice of set tasks and take on board peer feedback.

“Removing unnecessary words not only makes sentences more concise but also keeps the word count down.” This feedback was helpful as it is precise, whilst applying information we have taken from our lectures. For example, we must keep the attention of our reader by keeping it short and interactive. I adapted my posts to accurately fit the word count… a vital skill as a journalist.

As a result, I read over my previous posts and changed them accordingly. I felt it was important to work on correcting my grammar, using the website to help me pick up on my mistakes.

With the morning’s lecture in mind, I picked out specific KEYWORDS in my posts. These are important for not only Search engine optimization but so the piece flows. Therefore, I highlighted the keywords in bold, to emphasise the context that pieces it together. I shall continue to use the feedback every week to build on my skills.


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