Learning from Ali Mese

Life grants us with new ways to learn every day.

This week in our multiplatform journalism seminar we studied a blog post called “How I got 6.2 Million Pageviews and 144,920 followers” by Ali Mese. He suggests 4 tips to help you gain more viewers and followers for your own blog. They were discussed in a logical order, using bold sub-headings and images. Not only the content of the text was useful to the reader, but the layout was illustrating his message, backing up what he was saying as a visual.

“Let the reader breathe.” A valid point when writing for online. Reading the post helped me to understand the most important things to consider when writing my posts. Letting the reader breathe means to give them a break between paragraphs so the interest remains throughout the piece. With this in mind, I’ve included a visual element in the middle of my post to show what I’ve learned from Mese.


The most relevant point for me was to “Keep 25 words to a sentence.” (or less) This may seem over the top to be counting your words, but the idea behind it is simple. To grab your audience you have to keep your sentences short and easy to digest. This is what I shall be trialing in this post, as my previous posts have demonstrated my difficulty in simple sentences.


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