Difficulties and successes and all I’ve learn’t

There are difficulties in all aspects of journalism, and as a journalist I have to be able to cope and overcome them. Whilst conducting my interviews for my feature article, I emailed interviewees over a month in advance to organise time for replies and just incase I needed to find a replacement. Unfortunately, one participant, after arranging the interview, never got back to me.

Although frustrating, I realised to be a journalist you need to expect this to happen in real life situations. (Had two extra interviewees, so it was ok.) These organisational skills will be vital as a journalist in the future.


From this project and blog, I have collected transferable and important skills for online writing shown throughout my posts.

This reflective blog has helped me to analyse problems I have had…

  1. Overcomplicated sentences for one, which I have improved on.
  2. Letting my reader breathe, break up text with images.
  3. Using grammarly.com to help me notice my grammar mistakes.
  4. Hyperlinks, can’t get enough! Easy access for my audience to view what I’m discussing.                                     …and overcome in the unit.

    I feel that keeping a regularly updated blog was beneficial to keep motivated and organised as a journalist for the future.


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