About me

I have always been known as “the little one”, due to being a petite 5’1. After many years of being teased, I have finally embraced that to be my signature style.

Ever since I was young, I have loved writing. Embarrassingly, I used to write my own children’s books, which were mostly drawings! Growing up has made me realise my own sense of style both in fashion and finding my writer’s voice. Choosing the path of University was the most obvious but the most rewarding choice I have made, as for the first time, I have felt I have fit in with the right people and finally enjoyed the subject areas.

Starting my second semester at Solent university, I am looking forward to the new units that will offer me a deeper insight into my dream career.
For my multi-platform journalism assessment, this blog will be used to reflect my progress (the successes and problems) when producing my portfolio. This will help me to discover the elements that I am best at and which I will need to improve, through close analysis of my work.
The reflective blog tab will be where I share my journey of this assessment with you.